Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain Drops

It was raining on and off today. I enjoy the rain. Not only does it remind me of where I grew up as a child, but it's so cleansing. The rain today was soft and kissed your cheeks as it passed by. It was a comforting rain. My favorite kind of rain is the short, drenching bursts. Usually they're warm and come out of no where so it's like a treat on a hot day.

My favorite part of the rain is the smell afterwards. Everything is clean and you can smell the new earth underneath your toes. Every rain drop does it's part it making this happen. It gives the earth new life. It waters the plants. It's like a new beginning each time, especially since it's spring. It reminds me that every day really is a new day to make a new choice and maybe start the new person you had always wanted to be.

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