Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Job Interviews and butterflies in the stomach

I just got done with a job interview. It's for a company called Budget Blinds, and I really hope I get this job! It's so nice. It's a receptionists position, but I would also run the showroom. It's full time, so that's definitely a plus. It fits in really with everything that I've been planning. The thing is, it's not just a good job, it's a career that I could see myself going in to. It leans towards interior decorating... but for windows lol. And it fits my personality perfectly. It would allow me to be independant (I would be alone in the office a lot), it offers good hours and pay, and it's something that I'm interested in. I could actually see myself doing this job a few years down the road, and it gives me the oppertunity to grow in the business and do that. The funny thing is, I didn't get butterflies in my stomach until after the interview when I realized how much I wanted the job.

Just the fact that I've had this oppertunity is proof that God is so great. He knows who I am, and helps me see that. I had no idea how much this job would fit me until I had the interview basically set up for me. It was all referalls from connections and friends. I barely had to do anything. So even if I don't get this job, I'm that much closer to finding the kind of job that would make me happy. And that is the thing that I am looking for, a job that will satisfy and provide for me.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Life Choices

Sometimes life does not go the way you planned it. I have been dealing with this fact for the last couple months. I want to go back to school this fall, but events this summer have been pointing in a different direction. One of these events is the job interview I have coming up this wednesday. This whole summer I have been looking for a job unsuccessfully. I have been wondering if maybe this is a sign that I need to financially stabalize myself this next year instead of going back to school. Maybe this is the time to become independant and move out of my parents house for good. The job interview is even more of a sign of this. It is a very good job, I am lucky to have a chance at it. If all goes well and I do get the job... well it doesn't start until the end of summer which would be when I went back to school in a different city.

So I am resigned. I'm convinced that this next year will be spent paying bills and building my credit score instead of studying. But this will be a good thing. It will allow me to taste true freedom and responsiblity and help me begin my own life, and what paths I will take in the future. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Favorite Holiday

This weekend is the Independance day, my favorite holiday! And this one is especially special :) becuase my family is having an all family reunion the whole weekend <3 I've always loved the fourth of July, everyone gets together in one place to eat good food, go swimming, play games, and watch fireworks. It's warm and sunny, and there's always tons of laughter in the breeze.

Another reason I love the fourth of July is becuase it's a time to sit back and reflect on the beginning of our country. This weekend would be a great time to maybe go online and review our declaration of independance, maybe go back through our history books and read the stories of the soldiers who suffered to make this country happen. It really is an amazing story. All odds were against us. To me that is evidence enough that God was watching over our early leaders and citizens.

The fourth of July is not just another day to celebrate. It is the celebration of the anneversary of our independance as a country, as a people, and as a new idea.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun new things

A change now and then in your life is definitely not a bad thing. Sometimes you might just itch for change. That is why I recently just got a haircut (which looks way better on me than my old one). A haircut is a simple way of making a big change that doesn't have too dire consequences. At first I didn't like the new haircut. You always have to get used to new things. What helped me like it just a little bit more was a photoshoot with one of my friends. She asked me and my little sister to be models for her. It was so fun. We got to dress up in old fashioned clothes and I got to experiment with my makeup and hair. I always forget how much I love fashion and beauty. Call me shallow, but it's so much more than just what you look like on the outside. It lets you change into whoever you want to be. Everytime you change you can have a different story. But somehow all those stories still seem to represent who you are. No one has just one side... that would be boring. Fashion and beauty not only allows the natural beauty to shine forth, but it allows you to express your personality in ways that other people might not see in the everyday. Some people may not see that, or not care about that, but it's ok. Everone is different. If everyone thought the same... like I said before, that would be boring. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I was outside under the sun and nice summer breeze. I wasn't doing anything in particlar, just basking. I looked around and there were little yellow dots of dandelions all over the yard. Most people see dandelions as a nuisance, a weed. But I think they are quite lovely. You can make chains of dandelions into crowns, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

I started thinking about this more deeply, don't as me why, and I realized that choosing the dandelions to decorate my blog is just perfect. Sometimes I feel like a dandelion. I may be beautiful and appreciated at some moments (like I had been doing with the dandelions that afternoon), but most of the time I feel unwanted and bothersome. But then when the dandelions continues to mature it changes into that white ball of fluff. It's free, and flies away, to grow someplace new.

I thought this was very inspirational, and I realized that is my story at this point in my life. A teenage girl will feel ugly, unwanted, etc at some point, no matter how good she has it. Realizing that these things are not true is part of growing up. Then, when her adult life starts, she starts to mature and find herself free to begin again and grow if she chooses. But getting through that first phase as a yellow dandelion is necessary. And God is the one that never thinks we are simply ugly weeds that need to be plucked. He transforms us into the dandelion that is free to fly and rides wherever the breeze will take us.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I haven't written in awhile becuase a lot has been going on in my life right now; maybe not physically, but emotionally.

I recently told my family that I have come to a relationship with Christ. They would be glad of this, but this relationship does not include the religion the participate in. I am struggling becuase I have this wonderful light in my life now, but I'm not really allowed to share it with the ones I love. What do you do when you have proof and assurity that the choice you have made brings so much happiness, but the ones you love see it as the worst choice you could possibly take? My brother won't even talk to me about his own beliefs now that he knows I don't believe the same as him. Anything I bring up is seen as misunderstanding or lies.

I'm pressing on and John 14:27 gives me comfort.

"I give you peace, the kind of peave that only I can give.It isn't like the peace that this world can give. So don't be worried or afraid."

Everything is in the Lord's hands and all we can do is trust Him and do His will.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Today is the day to remember and honor those who have given their lives for the ones we live today. I am reminded of John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." And that is really what memorial day is about; honoring those men and women who loved their country and their people enough to lay down their lives.

The speaker at the memorial day service I went to today spoke about terrorism and killing the bad guys and working together to protect the greatest country in the world. That's not what today is about, and it made me sad. Now I'm not going to question the speaker, he's a decorated Naval offiver who has many successfull missions under his belt, and he has seen many things that I'm sure I could never dream. But memorial day is about remembering the love those soldiers had for me, and my family, and how they paid for my freedom.

Just something to think about on this day of reflection.
-God Bless America <3

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain Drops

It was raining on and off today. I enjoy the rain. Not only does it remind me of where I grew up as a child, but it's so cleansing. The rain today was soft and kissed your cheeks as it passed by. It was a comforting rain. My favorite kind of rain is the short, drenching bursts. Usually they're warm and come out of no where so it's like a treat on a hot day.

My favorite part of the rain is the smell afterwards. Everything is clean and you can smell the new earth underneath your toes. Every rain drop does it's part it making this happen. It gives the earth new life. It waters the plants. It's like a new beginning each time, especially since it's spring. It reminds me that every day really is a new day to make a new choice and maybe start the new person you had always wanted to be.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sick Day

Today I woke up with a soar throat and a giant ache all over my body. Sleep is a good escape, but you can't sleep forever. I found it's a good time to reflect and learn. Once you've taken the right amount of drugs so that you can actually focus on something other then your discomfort, you can turn the day into somewhat productive.

Read a book. Maybe a great fiction story or an interesting non-fiction is what you feel the need for. You could go online and research something you never even knew existed before. It always helps me overlook my sickness and still let my body heal. Plus it motivates me for the next day. Motivation is key for anything in life. If you can't motivate yourself, you're never going to do anything. Finding happiness is also finding motivation. To love the life you have there has to be a drive and motivation.

So I will take this sick day to find some motivation and excitement for tomorrow. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A note on happiness

I have learned so far in my life, about me anyways, that one has to work at being happy. You can have a natural cheerful, loving disposition, but you have to work at true happiness. That is why I named my blog 'Learning to Love Life'.

Three things that someone must have/do in order to have happiness:
1) Devolope your relationship with God for the better.
      Whether it's running away from Him, meekly trying to find him, or embracing His love and mercy wholeheartedly, I've noticed that everyone has a relationship with God.
2) Human connection.
      We are social creatures. Having friends, acquaintances, someone to help and love is natural and sought after.
3) Understand yourself.
      Know what you love, hate, fear, what you're good at or bad at. The more you know yourself, the more you can do something about it.

I will try to use these three things throughout my blogging here, and the rest of my life.