Monday, May 23, 2011

A note on happiness

I have learned so far in my life, about me anyways, that one has to work at being happy. You can have a natural cheerful, loving disposition, but you have to work at true happiness. That is why I named my blog 'Learning to Love Life'.

Three things that someone must have/do in order to have happiness:
1) Devolope your relationship with God for the better.
      Whether it's running away from Him, meekly trying to find him, or embracing His love and mercy wholeheartedly, I've noticed that everyone has a relationship with God.
2) Human connection.
      We are social creatures. Having friends, acquaintances, someone to help and love is natural and sought after.
3) Understand yourself.
      Know what you love, hate, fear, what you're good at or bad at. The more you know yourself, the more you can do something about it.

I will try to use these three things throughout my blogging here, and the rest of my life.

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