Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun new things

A change now and then in your life is definitely not a bad thing. Sometimes you might just itch for change. That is why I recently just got a haircut (which looks way better on me than my old one). A haircut is a simple way of making a big change that doesn't have too dire consequences. At first I didn't like the new haircut. You always have to get used to new things. What helped me like it just a little bit more was a photoshoot with one of my friends. She asked me and my little sister to be models for her. It was so fun. We got to dress up in old fashioned clothes and I got to experiment with my makeup and hair. I always forget how much I love fashion and beauty. Call me shallow, but it's so much more than just what you look like on the outside. It lets you change into whoever you want to be. Everytime you change you can have a different story. But somehow all those stories still seem to represent who you are. No one has just one side... that would be boring. Fashion and beauty not only allows the natural beauty to shine forth, but it allows you to express your personality in ways that other people might not see in the everyday. Some people may not see that, or not care about that, but it's ok. Everone is different. If everyone thought the same... like I said before, that would be boring. :)

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