Monday, July 11, 2011

Life Choices

Sometimes life does not go the way you planned it. I have been dealing with this fact for the last couple months. I want to go back to school this fall, but events this summer have been pointing in a different direction. One of these events is the job interview I have coming up this wednesday. This whole summer I have been looking for a job unsuccessfully. I have been wondering if maybe this is a sign that I need to financially stabalize myself this next year instead of going back to school. Maybe this is the time to become independant and move out of my parents house for good. The job interview is even more of a sign of this. It is a very good job, I am lucky to have a chance at it. If all goes well and I do get the job... well it doesn't start until the end of summer which would be when I went back to school in a different city.

So I am resigned. I'm convinced that this next year will be spent paying bills and building my credit score instead of studying. But this will be a good thing. It will allow me to taste true freedom and responsiblity and help me begin my own life, and what paths I will take in the future. :)

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